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120GB vertex3 Vs. 240GB vertex 2

i am getting the 240gb vertex2 at almost the same price as the 120gb vertex3.

which should i go for?

1. OS
2. general office software.

one advantage i think of the 240gb is i can replace the HDD in my Dell Laptop.
if i get the 120gb, it will be too small as a complete replacement of the laptop hdd. so will put it in desktop.
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    It totally depends on what you want to use it for. If you want your laptop to fly, and last longer on a battery charge, get the 240. If desktop performance is more important to you, get the 120. Which machine do you spend more time on.

    Better answer: Get two 240's and put one in each machine.
  2. as a beta-tester for OCZ I would say to stay away from that older first gen Sandforce controlled drive. The newer controller throttles less.. panic locks you out less.. and recovers quicker at idle and on-the-fly vs the older version.

    I usually always say that capacity is your best defense against degradation.. but the newer one will be nealry as fast and keep those speeds for much longer periods of time.

    And FYI here.. not sure where you're seeing those prices at.. but the V3 120GB version is $169 after rebate from a few vendors out there right now.
  3. what about subjective speed difference between the two?

    and are there any benchmarks between the two?
  4. mayankleoboy1 said:
    what about subjective speed difference between the two?

    and are there any benchmarks between the two?

    Tom's has both benchmarked in the charts, but you have to visit each individual benchmark, or at least those that interest you. For example,,Marque_fbrandx1487,2785.html .

    Given what groberts101 wrote, I would consider the issue closed. A beta tester for OCZ says that the earlier generation's controller suffers problems that the later generation's controller does not.
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  6. decided that laptop is more important and got the vertex2 240gb.
  7. Good on you! It will be fun. Let us know if you see a major difference.
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