Will my ati radeon HD 3200 any good with Call of Duty

i was wondering if the radeon hd 3200 will be good to play Cod4 or Cod World @ War? i know this question has been asked before but i dont know were to look.

if this card isnt really very good for the COD games, please leave some suggestions for someone on a budget for a different card, or if i can even upgrade the one i have.
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  1. It will be playable at low settings and resolution but it wont be pretty.
    A good budget card for 1280x1024 and below is an HD4670 but really what you should be looking for depends on both your resolution and exactly how much you are willing to spend.
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    Yep. The HD 4670 would give you the best bang for your buck; especially if you can find a used one.

    The 9600GT performs better, but also cost more.
  3. yeah im thinking more towards the HD 4670, but i dont know... i want to be able to play games like COD4 and W@W. my computer has 4gb of ram and is rated all 6 exept for the graphics at 3.7. please tell me which would be best
  4. maybe if you list your full system specs, including power supply make and model, resolution you play at, and system components like CPU, RAM, Mobo ETC....

    Also mention a budget.
  5. gateway DX4200-09
    RAM: 4gb
    64 bit
    quad proccesser
    power is at like 300 watts or something
    i would like to play at about medium settings and have 50+ fps

    for the computers performence it says 5.9 on everything but the graphics
    (3.7 for the gaming graphics performence)

    i am looking to spend about 60-80$ for a new card and was wondering what your guys take on the Radeon HD 4670 cause that is the one i might want to get
  6. Yeah, that's what you want for that budget and power supply.
  7. ok thats what i think i will get
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