Installation issue with Antec mini P180 case

I've started my latest build which uses the Antec mini P180 (mATX) case. I'm trying to install my DVD burner in the top 5.25" bay and am having a problem with the drive rails. They are mounted on the sides of the drive with the metal portion angled towards the outside of the case, as instructed in the manual. My first problem is that I'm not sure which of the three rail positions I should be using. Should the end of the metal clips be flush with the end of the drive or sticking out from it? I've tried all three positions but the none seem to work. With the rails in the rear-most position (sticking out the furthest from the drive), I can get the drive in to within 1/2" of where it should end up. Can anyone provide some guidance here? The manual says I should be able to slide the device into the bay until I hear a click but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Just to be clear, I put the drive in without the rails first and there is plenty of clearance from the top fan so the size of the drive is not the issue.
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  1. I just figured it out. I had the rails on backwards - the metal tabs need to be positioned so they are flush with the front of the drive. Then the drive just slides in with a click, just like the manual says. Live and learn :) Hope my 30 min of pain helps someone else.

    BTW, other than this little issue, this is a great case; the best mATX case I've used so far. I got it from newegg last week through a Shell Shocker deal - $50 with free shipping!!
  2. Glad you like it. I agree, it is one of the best built mATX cases I have ever seen. But like any case, it has it's flaws.

    My issues with the case are:

    - Must sacrifice drive cages to install front 120mm fans. Worked out well for me, I had to sacrifice one anyways for my video card.
    - eSATA cable coming from front bezel cannot be swapped. (my motherboard requires low-profile, right angle plugs when a video card is installed) I'll have to find a right angle male to a SATA female to get it hooked up.
    - Front power LED lead has a "3 wire" connector, when the motherboard pin header requires a "2 wire" plug, so I am leaving it unplugged until I find a proper connector to swap it out with.
    - Front HDD activity LED lead exists, although I have yet to find an LED... ???
    - Black anodized interior screams for a side window.
    - Front fan filters are a %@($ to get off. You have to have extremely dry fingers at the time you wish to remove them. Even then, it's very difficult, and requires finesse. Having a little more of a "handle" to grip would be nice.
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