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Recover files from reformatted hard drive


Hi, I partitioned my HP laptop hard drive where the OS was installed to make it smaller using acronis disk director. And so that i can dual boot windows 8.

After proccess it said successful but the process was done on boot up, cause thats how acronis does stuff, i have done this before but for this HP laptop something went wrong and now i could not boot. I was kinda sleepy that night so I didn't remember that i had UBCD and i can access the files so if i just decided to reformat the whole drive i saved my files.

Anyway, i forgot and decided to just reformat the drive since i was going to upgrade from windows vista to windows 7 and dual boot windows 8.

i havent installed windows 8 yet since i have not burned the cd yet, so i just went on to install windows 8.

Now i have 1 OS single booting windows 8, and i was wondering if there is still a way to recover the files from my original parition, windows vista, since i have some important pictures there that needed to be saved, that i forgot.

And my mom is gonna kill me cause its her laptop.


if i didnt explain clear just ask and i can probably explain more.
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  1. dont delete this post, delete the other. the one without replies. thanks!
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    Use Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. I've used it twice, works flawlessly as long as you don't overwrite lost data in HDD with new data.
  3. since i reformatted the HD and mistakenly installed a new OS does that count as

    cause i went form having a partitioning error causing to not boot windows

    then i wrongfuly decided to do a reformat and install windows 8 over vista.

    and im trying to recover some photos.

    and did u use the free one or did u get the full one?
  4. anyone else got advice?

  5. It all depends on where you kept your pictures. Say you kept them in default pictures folder in windows XP/Vista/7 in C:\ drive, formatted it & loaded windows 8 on C:\ drive; then there is 50% probability of getting them back, as long as the OS doesn't overwrite them. But if you just formatted or changed partition size then it may be possible to get back 100% of lost data.
    I used the paid version. ;)
  6. yeah got the paid version aswell :) a 2011 version i think.

    it doing its thing right now hope it does well :) thanks again
  7. Don't forget to right click & select run as administrator when launching the executable & then select appropriate options.
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  9. u are awesome ujaansona, recoverd my photos!!!!
  10. Glad to be of service. :)
    Any problem anytime, come back here cause someone will always be at Tomshardware to help you. :)
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