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This motherboard has given me trouble before (e.g., S3 sleep doesn't work, only S1), but I was able to ignore it. Just today I noticed a new problem with restarts not working. The OS goes through its shutdown routine, the computer powers off and comes back on, but then the problem happens. When it powers on again (ONLY after a restart, NOT after a regular shutdown and then pressing the power button), the power light comes on for about 6 seconds. After those 6 seconds, the hard drive activity light blinks on and then both lights go off. Then the power light comes on for 6 seconds, then the hard drive light blinks and they both go off, etc. This cycle of the lights blinking repeats over and over again until I hold in the power button and do a hard shutdown. (No danger since the OS isn't loaded, thankfully!) Any ideas on BIOS settings, things to try, etc?
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  1. Does this problem happen if you use the reset button, too?

    You can disable boot loops from the Windows Advanced Boot Menu (or something like that); as the computer boots up, repeatedly press the F8 key. Before the OS loads, you should see an advanced menu. In this menu, use the arrow keys to highlight "Restart on boot failure" (wording may be different, depending on your version of Windows). While this option is highlighted, press the Enter key. Your computer should restart and halt at Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) with a STOP error code. This code, along with the text on the screen, will help determine what is failing.
  2. 1) When should I try pressing the reset button? I tried pressing it during the loop and it did nothing.
    2) I'm not getting a BSOD; AFAIK, Windows doesn't even begin to load. The loop of power and hard drive lights starts as soon as the system begins to power on again during a restart. I will try disabling the automatic restart after failure, though.
  3. Last night I was incredibly frustrated with this. I went through BIOS resets, driver updates, anything I could think of! This morning I went to adjust the Windows auto-restart-after-crashing setting. The PC was already on, so while I was at it I thought I'd try once more using the Restart command. Lo and behold, it rebooted correctly! I tried it again; it rebooted again without getting stuck. I changed nothing overnight, but now it works! I'll post back if it happens again, but for now it's fine!
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