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Hi all,
Im looking at getting a antec 900 case but before i do i would like to find out how to get a third hdd cage that can go at the top of the case above the other two fans.

the hdd cage i wanted would be the same as the ones that come with the antec 900 and been searching for one on google but could not find one only universal hdd cages that look different at the front and would not look right.

Any help would bne great.
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  1. E-mail Antec and ask them.
  2. jsc,
    thanks for the reply i have e-mailed antec and still wainting for the reply from them and still heard nothing. i didnt think it was difficult to get hold of a antec hdd cage but cant find them i might look at getting some universal one if they cant get them in time.

    thanks again.
  3. Consider the 1200 which provide 3 HDD cage
  4. Leon2006,
    i Did think of this option but it is just too big and more expensive. i have now contacted antec 3 times and still not heard anything. I didnt think it would be hard to get a replacement hdd cage but only can find different hdd cages that i dont like. I am still puzzled and loosing faith in antec. I have got a Coolermaster 355 elite and they do a 3 into 4 device that i have put in to mine and looks great. I do like a good looking enclosure as was looking forward to getting the antec 900 or 902 but i like it to look how i want it like every one does with there case. any more information will be great

    Thanks for the replys
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