3 Monitors 2 GPUs Dedicate Physx or run 2 monitor off the low end card?

I just built my first computer and I plugged both monitors into the GTX 275. I used my 9500gt as dedicated graphix. But now im wondering if it would be better to run one monitor to each card. They both have Physx and if thats the case why not throw my 3rd monitor on to the 9500gt. I would be running my main apps and games off the one monitor connected to the 275 GTX. So whats better... A. 2 monitors on the 275GTX with dedicated physx on my 9500gt? B. Or main (1) monitor connected to the 275GTX and 2 more monitors more connected 9500gt without the dedicated graphics?
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  1. Unless you have lots of programs that can take advantage of a dedicated physix card, I think I would put the two aux monitors on the 9800GT and use the GTX275 and main monitor for gaming.
  2. I have a bunch of games that make use of physx but 2 monitor on one card with a 2nd for physx just doesnt sound as good as 1 monitor on my main and no dedicated 2nd card.
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