Hey guys, I know this is mainly for GPU questions, but this one has alot to do with CPU aswell as the GPU together.

So I ran the 3dmark06 and vantage benchmark test, and I was somewhat disapointed with the scores. It seems like I scored a bit lower than what I should have. Here are the links to my scores:




Lost the link, But my score was 16,350 points.

Here are my system specs:

Manufacturer AMD
Family AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 Processor
Architecture 64-bit
Internal Clock 3.4 GHz
Internal Clock Maximum 3.4 GHz
External Clock 200.0 MHz
Socket Designation Socket M2
Upgrade ZIF Socket
MultiCore 4 Processor Cores
HyperThreadingTechnology N/A

My GPU is a xfx radeon 4870 512mb, OC at 780/1090.
Case is Antec 200 with all the fans installed.
MOBO is gigabyte MA770T-UD3P
4gb of g skill 8 timing
550w ocz z-series PSU
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  1. Those scores seem OK, 06 goes up with o/c. I have a 4770 i5 750 system and can score between 15000 and 18000. The high # is o/c both.
  2. Some guy with a triple core AMD OC'ed at 3.4ghz said his 3dmark06 score was about 16,000. How is that posible? He had same gpu aswell.
  3. 3dmark06 may not take advantage of the multiple cores. If it only utilizes 1-3 cores then you'd score the same.
  4. Look at this link, which is using vantage: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/cpu-cores-performance,2373-4.html

    Notice how little difference the multiple cores make?
  5. i think you are right that 3dmark06 doesnt use as many cores. He scored nearly a thousand lower on 3dmark vantage, the newer one.
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