Overclocking MSI 660Ti PE/OC -- advice?

Need Help!

This is the first time I'll be overclocking any component of my computer! My PC is just a week old, so.. Please advice accordingly :)
All I've managed to do is, set up Virtu MVP and increase my PC Mark 11 score @720p from 8k to 11k.

So, now i wish to overclock my MSI Graphics card using Afterburner. My target is to reach 670 performance! :p

My PC specs:

Intel Core i5 3570K 3.4Ghz
Gigabyte Z77X-D3H
Msi GTX 660Ti PE/OC + Virtu MVP Intel HD4000
Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600Mhz
Corsair HX750 PSU
Corsair 600T
Cooler Master EVO 212

Important Settings:
Virtu MVP - Setup correctly
iGPU DISPLAY port used

So, I need to increase my Memory Clock to 7.2 Ghz (Effective) and Core Clock to 1270Mhz or so.. Can i go higher? :D
What clocks do you recommend?

And how should i hit them using Afterburner?

Thanks in Advance!
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    There are no preset clocks that you can use since every gpu will overclock differently and at different settings so while your neighbor could overclock his 660Ti to 1270 mhz it doesn't mean that you will hit that speed , you may come in a little less or you may even come in a little more , it will all depend on your gpu and whether or not you got a good overclocker.
    The only thing that you can do is start out with a target speed in mind and try to get to that speed. You should also keep in mind that you don't have to get to the very limit of the card because after a certian point you won't gain much more performance to make it worth while to keep going.As an example of what I'm talking about lets say that your stock speed is 900 mhz and you do your overclock and are able to get to 1100 mhz and that overclock gives you an additional 50 fps in gaming. Now lets say that the limit of that card is 1150 mhz and that additional 50 mhz would give you another 8 fps and to get this extra mhz you had to add a lot of additional voltage and it was close to the limit that the card could handle but it could and this additional voltage ended up shotening the life of the gpu , is it worth it to go that last 50 mhz.

    So now with your overclock and your target speed I'm not familiar with the Virtu MVP and if that will afect the overclocking of the card. I do know that the Virtu MVP is for the Intel HD 4000 intergrated graphics chip to be used to add performance to the discrete video card just like SLI is used to combine two video cards to work together to render the graphics of the game. You will have to keep an eye on things as you go to see what happens when you overclock. It would also be a good idea to keep a log of your every move in the AfterBurner software and in the testing software so you can see how its progressing.
    Your first steps are to raise the mhz by 10 mhz each time and test using either PC Mark or 3D Mark , 3D Mark is more specific and is geared to benchmark a video card so it would be better to use it over PC Mark11. This will take some time so you really need to be patient and don't forget to record your results. You need to keep adding the 10 mhz and stress testing until you encounter artifacts or some sort of problems with Windows or the testing software. At that point you will need to add a small increment of voltage and it literally needs to be the very next increment whatever that may be. When you have stability then you can continue adding the mhz and you may have to drop to 5 mhz or you may be able to continue with the 10 , it will depend on the video cards stability. So again your adding mhz untill unstable and you add the next increment of voltage to gain stability. This will be the process of your overclock adding and testing and recording everything especialy the temps , always keep an eye on the temps. The object of the overclock is to get to a higher speed with the least amount of voltage that you can , don't forget voltage means heat and heat is the enemy of the gpu. Excessive heat will be your biggest problem and getting this heat taken care of will be very important.
    Then memory clock is not as important as the core clock so if you have a resonable high memory clock that's fine , you need to concentrate on the core clock.
    Don't rush this because you will only need to do this once and when done you'll have a great overclock that you can enjoy and be proud of. Also you should save your overclock as a profile in Afterburner so you can always reload the settings should something cause them to be reset to default.
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