Upgrading HP e9220f graphics card and power supply

I would like to upgrade my graphics card and power supply. I was eyeing the new Asus - ATI Radeon HD 4890 and im not sure if it is compatible with my computer (HP e9220F). Or if it would even be worth installing in this particulor computer, ie; will i be able to use it to its full potential? If so, what power supply would i want to buy? If not that graphics card, what would you recommend?
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  1. If this is your computer

    Then A 4890 would be a good choice to put in there since it's a pretty descent system on its own, but there is no info on the power supply. You can open up the case and look at a sticker that is ussually on the psu, but I'm gonna assume that its an oem 350w which wont run a 4890, so I would look at buying this psu.

    It's cheap after the mail-in-rebate, it is semi-modular so you will save allot of space in the small case and it'll run any single graphic card. If I were you I'd wait till the 5830 is released. Apprently it performs likes a 4890 with all the 5xxx series features with a low price.
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