Best Card for a PCIe 1.x Motherboard

Anyone have a recommendation for an ABIT AB9 PRO P965 775 with an E6300? It has PCIe 16x but its only PCIe v1. Will I get much benefit from a Radeon HD5850 or will the PCIe bandwidth or another component limit the performance? What is the best card I can put in this older system with 8GB memory running Vista x64?
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  1. U can run any PCI-E card... No matter it's 2.0 or 1.1 and even 1.0, they are backward compatible... :)

    Of course u can run HD5850 but make sure your PSU can handle that card...
  2. Thanks! I know it will work but I'm wondering if this older system will actually be able to utilize the performance of the 5850 or if I should go with a lower end card. Anyone have suggestions on where the sweet spot is for my config? I don't want to overbuy.
  3. If that E6300 is still at stock 2.8ghz then Id think that a 5850 would be bottlenecked by it alittle. It also depends on what resolution you game at and how much you are willing to spend.
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