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I have reinstalled my Windows XP Professional and i have instaled all of my drivers without any problems. Except one; the Audio driver. I have been able to get it going and then just as it is about to finish, it gives me the "Access denied" message. HELP! I have tries in safe mode, and i have reinstalled, removed, and tried many versions. The audio is from my motherboard, if it makes any difference.
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  1. did you get the drivers from the manufacturer of the motherboard? Also, did you do a clean install of windows, or installed over the existing install?
  2. I did a clean install and i got the install from the manufacturer.
  3. do you have administrator rights?

    What model mobo is this?
  4. I was able to get it working if i installed it through "add new hardware" in Control Panel!
    Thank you for trying!
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