First time SSD user, anything I need to know?


I just got the Crucial m4 128gb. This is my first SSD. I'm going to be doing a clean install of Windows 7 and a couple of programs like office on the SSD, and have a regular HD for all my games and large files.

Since this is my first time using a SSD, is there anything I should know before setting it up? I read the sticky at the top of the forum and I understand windows 7 is pretty good at configuring the SSD so I shouldn't have much to worry about, but I just wanted to check if there's anything else I should be aware of.

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  1. This guide has always struck me as the best: . Some of the points are up for debate; I have a pagefile on my ssd.

    Most important: Before the install, remove all other drives from the system and set controllers to AHCI mode. This ensures that the entire boot process is on the SSD, not spread across two drives, and that you get the most out of the SSD.

    Have fun.
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