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So I am overclocking my CPU today and I am just curious as to how to test if it is stable or not. I have Prime95 to stress it, how many torture test threads should I run...also what should my max temp be..also does it need to sit idle for so long too, I really don't know too much about knowing if it is stable or not.
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  1. I have seen people say to run a blend for 24 hours but how do you set it to go for 24 addition if I have my PC on that long won't it go into an idle or slep mode or does Prime 95 stop it from doing so?
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    You will get different answers from different people, but I use 2 hours of prime 95 blend to get an idea of general stability. I also make it a point to surf the web and even control-alt-delete occasionally to throw it a curve while it's under load. (This has actually caused BSOD's in overclocks that were holding it together under prime up to that point)

    For temps, Intel burn test at very high or maximum seems to really push the thermal limits of your CPU/cooling.

    Then I throw in some video benchmarks like 3DMark11 and Haven DX11.

    And finally I go through a couple levels on a video game.

    If it makes it through all that, with no hiccups or heat issues, it's good to go in my book.
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