Please evaluate my setup.

With this setup, my temps stay around 38-40 at idle, . voltage at idle 1.078,41-42 never above 46c running aida 64 Ex. stability test.with the voltage @1.15-1.2. Fsb 103.0, multiplier at 16. Dram @ 686.8 mhz. Dram:fsb ratio 20.3. How did I do? I would appreciate feedback and constructive comments. Thanks for a top notch forum. It is obvious a lot of work goes into it.

( sorry. I thought this info would be posted with the thread ).

Intel 3570k @4.429, stock speed is 3.4
Asus P8 Z77-V
16 gb.Corsair Vengance 1600 mghz.
Sapphire 6950gpu clock@850mghz, mem@1325mghz
Samsung SSD@128Gb
Seagate Barracuda 500 Gbx2
Lite On is424
Corsair H-60-push/pull
Corsair TX 750M psu
Antec 302 case w/7 fans. top 140mm exhaust, all others intake
Windows 7 Pro.
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  1. I don't see an equipment list but I can't think of a mainstream chip for which those voltages and temps wouldn't be safe.
  2. We need more information to evaluate. such as

    Processor model
    Clock Speed (Stock and Overclocked)
    Idle and Load Temps

    this would also be helpful

    multiplier (if unlocked)

    Pentium E5500 (locked at x14)
    2.8GHz Stock, 3.36GHz Clocked
    Clocked Temps 39c Idle, 67c Load
    FSB stock 200MHz, Clocked 240MHz
    DRAM reduced to x3.33 @ 800MHz clocked
  3. FSB to 100.
  4. amuffin said:
    FSB to 100.
    what will that do
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    That will make your system stable, any adjustment to the BLCK can mess with your entire system.
  6. so are you saying to set the bus to 100 and dial up the multiplier?
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  8. amuffin said:
    That will make your system stable, any adjustment to the BLCK can mess with your entire system.
    I took your advice and what a difference ! I have my system clocked to 4.5 ghz. with the ram set at 1600 mhz. where it should be. My system is much more stable, runs at much lower temps( 28c at idle-40c when stressed) Ambient temp around 71' f. At idle, the volts stay between 1.0/1.12 v.When stressed the volts are around 1.15-1.2 v. thank you very much for your help. :bounce:
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