Why are my temps so high? Please help.

I just started OCing my i5 2500k and whenever I run Prime95 my package temps jump right up to 80C and stay between 78-83C I have no idea why...I have two 120mm chasis fans and a CM Hyper 212 plus with arctic silver 5 thermal compund (All run at about 2000rpm)

I am trying to OC it to 4.5GHz, does anyone have any idea why my temps are so high?
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  1. Is it possible that too much thermal paste could be the cause for such a large heat issue?
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    Lower your voltage.
  3. +1, get it stable at as low a voltage as possible,
  4. ok I'll try that, how do you know how low is too low?
  5. Generally because it won't boot :-) or the O/s is unstable like you open a browser, the Cpu needs more power, if it isn't there for it the Bsod monkeys take over, clocking is a time investment to find the sweet spots on your parts, I think theres a Sb guide up top of this section though for some pointers
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