600W PSU w/ 5970: Danger?

I have a new OCZ modXstream 600W psu. I am building a i7 930 system with a single Radeon HD 5970. Will that PSU work for me? I am not going to crossfire.

If the load on the psu is more than it can supply, will I risk frying components, or will the system just suffer a harmless BSOD crash with no hardware damage? I am tempted to run some benchmarks and see if the PSU will function prior to OC attempts if there is no risk of hardware damage due to more draw than the PSU can supply.

Build: i7 930, overclock to 4GHz, CM Hyper 212 cooler, HIS Radeon HD 5970, 2 HDD, 1 SSD, 2 DVD-RW, 4 case fans inside CM 690 II Advanced. Oh, on a ASUS P6X58D Premium.

Obviously 600W is cutting it close and if I did not already have that PSU sitting in my closet I would have bought more for this build, but that isn't what I'm asking. Will I risk physical damage if draw is more than the psu can supply, or would the only consequence be a system crash?
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  1. You most likely would just have a simple shut off/unable to power on, or some sort of error like that. HOWEVER, just because that is the most likely result it doesn't mean that is the ONLY possible result. You can actually blow the PSU, and when you blow the PSU, you run a very real risk of damaging your whole system. I blew a PSU once and it took my Mobo, CPU, and GPU with it, and since then, I've never skimped on the PSU again. I've always given myself some headroom.
    That being said, I think that PSU is probably enough to run a 5970. You've got a bunch of stuff in the system, so that makes it cut a bit closer, but should still be ok. You'll want to be real careful with cranking the OC's though as they eat through wattage FAST.
  2. From my 5970 experience if you wont OC the card, I mean over voltage, a 600w will work fine without danger knowing it is a good quality one. Dont oc the card though.

    A 5870 @ 950Mhz would play anything except some heavy games @ 2560x1600 like Crysis, why a 5970? The 5970 is meant to be run @ 5870 speeds lmao
  3. Well at full load you can expect that card to draw about 475 almost the same amount of power it wold take to run a pair oh 5850s in crossfire. Your 600watt PSU will most likely run it but you will be probably right at the limit for that unit. My recommendation would be to get a good corsair 750 watt PSU to be safe since the 5970 is a beast to run.

  4. HardOCP lists it as a bit higher than that, but they have a pretty high-end system along with the GPU, so this is probably a bit closer to your system realistically:
    Including the OC's and things. You should be ok, but pretty close to the top end:-) Just keep it cool.
  5. FYI if it does consume 500+ watt, your already talking about the power supply surpassing 85%+ efficiency. Something the OCZ 600w won't do very well. I wouldn't take that kind of risk when dealing with those kinds of high end equipment as OCZ has some really shift quality control.

    I recommend getting the Corsair HX650 from Newegg as a bare minimum. (or the TX650, but that has less clean power then the HX650..)
    Anyways don't skimp on the power supply, specially on high end setups... I would sooner skimp on RAM, or GPU, hard drives, or optical drivers before I skimped on a power supply.

    Do what you want.
  6. it may just about run a stock 5970, but you will not be able to overvolt.

    as other have said, get a decent corsair unit.
  7. ... or a 5870/5850
  8. I'm guessing the OP may already have the parts listed, and is trying to decide if they can get by with current PSU or if they need to pick up another.
  9. Yes, I have the parts listed and was looking for input on whether the psu I already have is sufficient or if this build requires a better one.
  10. Here are the official power requirements for ATI Radeon™ HD 5970 video card.

    ATI Radeon™ HD5970 System Requirements:

    PCI Express® based PC is required with one X16 lane graphics slot available on the motherboard

    650 Watt or greater power supply with one 75 watt, 6-pin and one 150 watt, 8-pin PCI Express® power connectors

    850 Watt or greater power supply with two 75 watt 6-pin, and two 150 watt, 8-pin, PCI Express connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode

    The power supply recommendations are for an entire pc system.

    Corsair and Seasonic are two brands that have a reputation for high quality power supplies that consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are reliable, stable, and come with a 5 year warranty. Some of the newer models come with a 7 year warranty.

    I recommend the brand new, top of the line, top quality Seasonic X-650 Gold:


    Here are links to competent technical reviews:




    Seasonic also has a X-750 Gold model:

  11. The CM 690II Advanced case will not accommodate a 12.2" Radeon 5970. Any suggestions on a similar case that will? Features I liked: Had top dock for SATA HDD, came with 3 fans, eSATA. CLassic aesthetics that do not scream teenage gamer a plus.
  12. You'll need a pc case is somewhere between 22 and 24 inches in length from front to back. That probably means a full tower case.

    What is your budget for a case?
  13. HX850 is the best choice.
  14. HAF 922 has 13.1" of clearance and will be large enough to accommodate the 12.2" HD 5970.

    The case can be found for $89.99 usually.
  15. Another vote for a 850W Corsair - HX850 if you can stretch the extra cash.
  16. what bout the antec 1200+cp850?
  17. Has anyone seen the Cooler Master ATCS 840? I am leaning that way.
  18. I checked a few references. The Cooler Master ATCS 840 ventilation, airflow, and cooling was just average even thought the interior has a layout similar to the HAF 932. The problem is the front bezel. The panel at the bottom front of the case restricts airflow.
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