ASUS p8z77 bios doesnt have multiplier setting ??/

i dont know .....i have no idea what is going on ...cause i set the cpu votage at 1.22 and the cpu ratio to 45 for all core...and then i load up prime 95 and run ...and also cpuz and it still said im at 3.5gb x 35 multiplier...but when i went into my bios ai tweaker it said target speed is 4500mhz mean 4.5 ...but it doesnt go that high..and do i turn on turbo boost and speed steep and such ???
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  1. Leave turbo boost off.
  2. what about speed step
  3. for some reason i adjust the cpu voltage 1.22 and cpu ratio to 36 and i went into the system properties and it said 3.50ghz 3.52ghz but what the heck .... cpu-id still said it 100.53x 35.0
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