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I am really praying that someone out there can help me because my situation is driving me mad.

I used to edit DV on an old Canopus Raptor sysyem which was great and provided realtime preview to an external video monitor without any problems.

Then, after waiting for the HDV revolution to pass, I decided to upgrade to an HD set-up.

I recently built the system (Asus P6T Mobo, i7 CPU, 12mb Corsair RAM, GTX285 GPU), running Vista Business 64 (Will switch to Windows 7 when I can afford it).

A couple of years ago I won a Blackmagic Intensity Pro card as part of a film festival prize. I was delighted at the prospect of using the card to preview my edits direct from the Premiere Pro (4.2.1) timeline via HDMI, so I bought the most recommended LCD screen for video editing in my price range and set it all up.

On the first editing job I did, using P2 footage (720p), there was quite a bit of visible noise/compression in some of the shots. When the EDL was delivered to a professional online facility and the film was mastered, the noise was no longer apparent. I assumed they had perhaps filtered it out and didn't really think any more of it until now.

My two problems:

1) I am now editing another project, also from P2 in 720p, and just about every shot has visible noise. It is all shot outdoors in natural daylight so there is definitely no issue with the footage itself. Why does it look this way? My DV footage on my old system, played out to a video monitor, looked much better.

2) While both the audio and picture are coming out of the PC via the Intensity Pro card's HDMI, I cannot get the audio from the PC to my desktop speakers. My current workaround, which results in horrible audio distortion and genral bad quality, is to run a cable from the headphones socket in the LCD monitor to the PC. This is obviously no kind of solution. There must be a way to take the audio direct from the PC to the speakers without the Intensity preventing this, but I cannot find it.

Please help if you can! I am on a deadline to finish a job and editing is far from pleasureable while experiencing these problems.

Thanking anybody and everybody in advance,

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  1. I could be confused as I have no experience with vid editing software/hardware, but from what I can tell the Intensity Pro is more or less a video i/o device? But you also have a GTX285? Forgive me if it is ignorance, but seeing as that Blackmagic device is x1 pci-e you would be far better served using your GTX285 for video output, and depending on your mobo, using the optical audio out from the back of the motherboard.
  2. hi zach538467,

    i originally tried to preview via my graphics card but the results were not good and after much forum-browsing i found that the blackmagic was the better option, so long as the premiere project was a blackmagic preset. on this latest project the timeline won't even play back smoothly, despite doing it last time. things seem to be getting worse and i haven't even got it running properly yet :(

    my problem with the audio is that i think the mobo's optical audio out is redundant while the blackmagic card is in use, which is why i'm having to follow the blackmagic's output audio to the monitor and then loop it back to the speakers from there. insane.


  3. I would remove the drivers and software for the blackmagic card. Download the latest ones again....if you have the latest them again.

    When you reinstal the latest drivers....strangely on the first time around the audio drivers do not install....but you will be given that option after rebooting. Then chose automatic audio drivers selection and do not have the original cd drivers in the drive!

    I found the BLackmagic card defaulted to having to conect up the speakers to the blackmagic card outputs.....although this worked you can fiddle inside windows settings to chose to use blackmagic set up for audio or windows and your usual sound card or on board sound system. You can also do this from within premiere too.

    I had terrible problems using the drivers on the BM card driver disc....but using the new drivers sorted it all out in the end.

    I hope that helps and makses sense.
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