Audio line out to SPDIF in on my graphics card

I just got a new graphics card for a media center I built with an HDMI port on it. Of course the only way to get sound through this HDMI port is to connect the SPDIF cable from the motherboard to the card. Problem is I don't have an SPDIF cable on my motherboard.

My question is would it be possible to purchase or make a cable that goes from my Line Out in the back of the PC to the SPDIF in on my graphics card so I can use HDMI for video and sound?

Thank you!
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  1. Not unless you can send SPDIF info out of the back line-out like in the back of some Creative cards.
  2. Not in this case. I have a line out, line in, and mic in the back, thats it. I have a pci slot I could put a sound card in, but it would have to be low profile bracket card.

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    Yeah, and even the sound card method you need to make sure that you have the proper header and cable to connect to the graphics input.

    It's still a good idea to add it, since it wasn't there before, but unfortunately we get stuck with these situations.
    It would be nice if someone like Auzentech had a card similar to the HomeTheatre in a PCI version (don't think it would be half-height though).

    You can look for an audio card with an electrical SPDIF output, which are a little rare in findint the appropriate jack to jack for the graphics card input, but for now you might need to connect the strereo out to either a line-in on your TV or a seperate speaker setup. Kinda sucks, I know. :??:
  4. I was just looking at this card as it seems to have everythign I need and a low profile bracket!
  5. Yeah that looks like it would do the trick, although a bit pricey, but should work fine, looks like simpl connectors to the SPDIF out on the top of the card.

    I'm going to bookmark that for future reference, hopefully it helps others.
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  7. If anyone knows a cheaper alternative that has low profile bracket I'm open for suggestions :)

    Thanks for all the help!

    EDIT I found this cheaper alternative. Same series and has the s/pdif out. Going to try it I think after some more research.

    My video card has the 2 wire spdif cable that the white end connects to the video card, and the other end is two very small square connectors. I'm guessing they will work. Here's the graphics card with picture of wire :
  8. Sweet, yep, if you look at the back right of this picture, you can see the appropriate SPDIF headers. Perfecto, and nice to see the cheaper price.

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