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Computer got a bug. rewrote all files with vir extension. Contaminated and corrupted MS Office Small Business 2007 (upgrade). Need to re-install it. Here is the problem: I loaded my original MS Office XP Professional. No problem. However, when I try to reload the Office Small Business 2007 Upgrade, it can not locate the MS Office XP Professional, and thus will not install. How do I get 2007 to install as an upgrade? I do have MS Office Standard 2007 (not an upgrade), but I cant get MS Office Small Business 2007 (upgrade) to install with that either. It tells me that there is no qualified version of MS Office on the computer. How do I get MS SB Office 2007 upgrade installed......without losing my sanity.
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  1. You should install MS Office Standard first, then attempt to upgrade to Office Small Business. Failure of that I believe you have legal copies, you should call Microsoft, they will help on resetting the registry to accept the upgrade codes.
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