Pc wont turn on

I just built a new computer.

I5 750
Nvidia 8800gt
Hitatchi 250gb
4gb OCZ 1333 mhz 1.65v
IDE Dvd/rw

375W PSU

When i press the power button the PSU makes a Noise and all the Fans inside the case are spinning but It wont POST or Show a display.

I was thinking that i need a new PSU? Can anyone else help on this situation?

Thanks Tristan
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  1. You might want to give the exact model for the PSU.

    Have you tried the suggestions in the "Read Before Posting about Boot Problems" sticky? There's a lot of very easy fixes in there that can be easily forgotten or missed.

    If you've tried all of that, I would think it's a bad PSU.
  2. Enermax EG375AX

    Il have a look now
  3. I had a look and im pretty sure i have all of those correct.
  4. It can't hurt to run through them again just to double check.

    Just so it's clear, all of the fans turn on? Case fans, PSU fan, CPU fan? Do any lights show up on the motherboard? Are there any beep codes?
  5. I just went through and found that the ram needs to be furthest away from the CPU

    had to re install windows but im happy now

    Thanks :)
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