Intel Atom Z520 @1.33 on Acer Aspire One AO751h

hey all, wanted to ask if there's anything i could do with this P\c to make it run a bit faster. Heck on this website, even typing lags like a *****. New to OC, but have heard of something called setfps i think it iwas, but not very knowledgeable. Seems I have a weak dualcore, as it it listed 2x under revice manager in processes.

1. What kind of results can i expect to see?(Stable)
2. Is it worth it? I would hope so, something has to be better then nothing?
3.How do i go about it? Stfps had to be manually run at each startup, was quite clumsy.

Also looking to do something about the gfx card(gma 500; POS) but already looked into gmabooster, it does not support the 500, and most forum topics on it are about 2 years old.

2gb ram, 80gb hdd, otherwise i think a basic config
oh, running windows 7
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  1. No, don't even bother.
  2. Hey Paul,

    I just picked one of these up and am having the same problem. I have found some solutions that might be helpful.

    The first is ReadyBoost. This typically doesn't work very well if you have over a gig or two of ram, but it worked great for me and I'm noticing a real difference. What it is, is the ability to take a flash drive that you plug in and using it for a system paging file to take some load off of the virtual ram used on the hard drive. I got a low profile HP V165 8 gb flash drive and set it to use it for ReadyBoost and it seems to be helping.

    The second is windows aero. I turned this off and, though this is one of my favorite features of Windows 7, it did speed up general usage quite a bit. Also, if you right click on computer in the start menu and click properties it will bring up a menu. Click on advanced system settings on the left and then the settings button under the performance tab you can uncheck a lot of the things that you don't need. The only ones I have checked are: smooth edges on screen fonts and use visual styles on windows and buttons.

    The last is your browser. I found all the major browsers are really slow with this processor and cannot even play youtube videos, not even in 240p very well at all. I experienced the same thing as you with not even being able to type without it lagging horribly. This is because of Flash and Java. Problem is, you can't get around them, you need them to run in reality. Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, all of them were horribly slow. The only one I have found so far that works quite well is Opera. I'm running Opera 12 right now with no typing lag, can watch 720p youtube videos smoothly (if my internet connection keeps up), and can even use facebook with only moderate lag.

    I'm working on finding a version of setfsb that will work on my particular machine, but as I understand it's a bit of a crapshoot so it will be a lot of trial and error. Let me know if this helped. seanpatterson (a) mailmight dot com

    Sean Patterson
    Aspire One AO751h
    Atom z520
    2 GB DDR2
    GMA 500
    160 GB Hard Drive
    Windows 7, Windows 8 Release Preview
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