Decision Question again, advice needed!

hey everyone,

first time i'm in the motherboard forum section, I'm always spending my time in the Graphics and Display section, please to meet you all!!

my specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.3 Ghz
Penryn1600 Sli -110db Mobo
600W PSU
2 Gb DDR2 RAM @ 667Mhz
Inno 3D GTX 260 Overclock

I'm interested in buying a new motherboard that can support DDR3 Ram @ at least 1333Mhz (8 Gb Min), that can also take my chipset (E8500),
and a new GTX 460

the reason for the upgrade is that i want to overclock my CPU a bit further without putting any harm to my RAM, to promote better communication between CPU and GPU

preferably a MOBO that can support Sli for further upgrading!!

please refer me to websites: example Newegg or any other websites!

hugely appreciated!!

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  1. Newegg had an evga 790i model, but it's already deactivated, and I didn't find it on pricewatch either. You might find it on ebay. If I were you, I would sell off your old stuff at anandtech or craigslist and upgrade to the i5 750 with a p55 chipset motherboard. Newegg has an evga model for only $75 after rebate: EVGA P55v 120 LF E651 TR LGA
  2. Hello
    I agree with o1die, 790i motherboards are hard to find, since you are upgrading your RAM and motherboard,then get a new CPU too.
  3. There's no use in buying another 775 mobo just for the OC. If there's any bottleneck in there it's in games that run better on quads so even a big OC won't help you much. Add some RAM, you have a good system, next year or so you can upgrade.

    A GTX 460 is faster but not that much faster than a GTX 260 OC. You may consider a HD 5850 or something.
  4. guys thanks for all your help and advice, the thing is, equipment is so expensive here in south africa! the i5 750 is around R1650 (+/- $226), but all in all, i'll have to upgrade!!

    i'll save up a bit more and buy the i7 chip, before i buy a new gfx card, my card is still running perfectly, and i'm running everything on high settings at 1680 x 1050, (22")

    thanks guys, much appreciated!!

  5. Well your rig looks fine for playing games at 1680x1050, so if you can't upgrade to i7 now,then add 4GB RAM especially if you have a 64bit OS.
    There are many games/apps which benefit from more than 4GB.
  6. The i5 750/760 is good, no need for the i7. Also the Phenom II X4 is very good for games and whatnot and it's cheaper.
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