Overclock Intel E2160 @1.80 Ghz 1.80 Ghz ! ~ Need Immidiate Help~

Guys, I want to overclock my PC! I Don't want extreme Overclocking but moderate will be okay! I want to reach at-least to 2.3 or 2.5 GHz! I tried to overclock my PC with CPU FSB Frequency 234 with gives me @1.80 2.10 GHz, but when i go further than 235 my PC wont boot up so i need to open my cabinet and reset my BIOS Settings to default! I really need help! For your information i will give you my BIOS Pics and CPU-z Page!


My BIOS Utility 1st column(After i Press F12) :

My BIOS Utility 2nd Column with the selection of Frequency/Voltage Control Line:

The Frequency/Voltage Column page (1 part) :

The Frequency/Voltage Column page (2nd part) :


PC/CPU health Monitor :

My CPU Z Pic :

Processor : Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2160 @ 1.80 2.10GHz
Motherboard : MSI (MS 7267)
RAM : 1536 M-Bytes | DDR2 | Channels - Dual | DRAM Frequency - 389.8 MHz| FSB : DRAM(ratio) 3.5 |

*Note : The Above CPU-z Will Show Rest of my info!

Well i was just wondering as i tried to over clock to 233MHz, Why (1.80 GHz) wont change?? I mean i can see (@1.80 2.10 GHz) Why not (@2.10 2.10 GHz) ??
Any way Please help me to Solve my Problem!

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  1. 1.80 Ghz is the default frequency.
    2.10 is the overclocked frequency.
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