Need an LGA 775 Mobo with SLi


I have a Core 2 Quad Q8200 with 4 gigs of DDR2 and 500GB SATA drive and a 9800GT.

I am planning to buy a GTX 460. So, I was thinking about using the 460 as my primary with the 9800GT for PhysX.

My current motherboard doesnt have an extra PCIe x16 slot and also sucks at overclocking being an Intel Q45.

So, could you guys suggest me some cheap LGA775 mobos with SLi support?

Or can I get the job done with CrossfireX supporting mobos?
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  1. isn't that the same :P
  2. Actually you and i posted at the same time!!! :D
  3. ^ 4 minutes.
  4. I ran into the same thing a couple of weeks ago...found refurbished xfx 790i ultra boards for $70 from they have a xfx 780i now:
  5. here's a 790 ultra for $94:

    sorry...lists as a 790, but details have it as a 780. still a good 16/16 sli motherboard
  6. Fetal said:
    ^ 4 minutes.

    There was a delay in me pressing "submit"!! When i replied there was no reply to the thread!!
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