Monitor flickers

When IE 8 is open, the monitor flickers constantly and when I type an email it does the same thing. Please help!

win 7 x64
5850 video card
three monitor display
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  1. Try re installing your video drivers. When I first plugged in my second monitor it would flicker and reinstalling, with both monitors plugged in, fixed the problem. Also if you are overclocking your 5850 your screens will flicker and from what I hear that is a known issue and should be fixed with a driver update.
  2. I'll try that, thanks Pfox
  3. I reinstalled the CCC drivers and as i'm typing, the monitor isn't flickering. And I never overclock, I'll continue to monitor this Pfox and hope I don't have anymore issues with this. Thanks Pfox
  4. It seems to do it as well when I move the mouse around while on the internet
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