Has to go faster but need to be safe.

Hello TOM's HARDWARE!!!!!!!! I'm a big fan of all the geniuses in here, so I joined. Now this is my first thread and I hope it will solve my problem:
I have a Asus ENGTS450/DI/1gd5 which is factory overclocked to 810mhz. I have an Asus P5SD2VM and Core 2 duo E7200. (I know they are a bit old.) Now I want to overclock my gpu to 850 mhz or higher. Is it safe for 850? or up to how much higher would it be safe to overclock? And yes do I have to increase the shader/vcore or memory too? Please give me some suggestions with mhz number.
With Respect to the Tom's Hardware Team,
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  1. Just go as fast as you can without altering voltage and keep an eye on temps under load testing.

    Stock voltage and good temps = safest overclock.
  2. I've selected:
    Core Clock = Accurately 1Ghz(1000 Mhz)
    Memory Clock = Accurately 1Ghz(1000 Mhz)
    Shader Clock = Accurately 2Ghz(2000 Mhz)
    Voltage = 1.112V (Vcore)
    I've run stress tests, but no artefacts or any other mess. Temperature is 35-36-38 degrees Celsius. All stock coolers at 100% speed. Does that mean it is stable?
  3. It means it's *probably stable. You may still find a game or benchmark that causes a crash and requires you to back off the clock a little, but you are "stable enough" to go about using your rig. Time and many different uses will be the final stress test.
  4. I started benchmarking and I had artefacts and my nvidia drivers crashed and windows said that it stopped responding Damn it!. Then it came back to 811mhz again. Shoud I try 985mhz?
  5. I don't know what your stock speeds are, but I would leave memory speeds stock while you nail down the core clock.

    Otherwise, yes, crashing and artifacts mean less speed or more voltage. (I would go with less speed in this case)
  6. My stock speeds are: 811mhz core, 902mhz memory, 1622 shader.
  7. I use MSI afterburner. I have not messed with my shader clock, but afterburner my do it automatically. The fewer variables you mess with the better.

    Small systematic steps. You don't want to adjust a bunch of stuff and then pull the lever on the slot machine and hope to hit the jackpot.
  8. I've modified
    925mhz clock.
    Memory and shader are at stock speeds
    voltage is also stock. Temp: 2150rpm fan speed:34 degree Celsius(Stock cooler)
    All stress tests passed. No artifacts or any other mess. STABLE! Thank you Z1only sir for your reply.
  9. Your welcome.
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