CPU fan causing MOBO to freeze?

Heres whats in my system so far:

ASUS M3A78-EMH Motherboard

Geil PC2-6400 DDR2-800 RAM DIMM x1, 1.8v CL-5-5-5-15

Rosewill RCX-ZAIO-92 92mm Sleeve CPU Cooler

AMD Phenom 8650 Toliman 2.3GHz Triple-Core Processor

LOGISYS Computer Area 51 CS51WSL Silver Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 480W Power Supply

When i start, i get 1 beep and my CPU fan is running, but then after about 10-15 seconds, my fan speeds up, and my computer crashes. Any help please, ASUS forums have gotten me nowhere.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Reset the BIOS and reinstall the cooler.
  2. Ive reset the BIOS and reinstalled the cooler. Also replaced the battery, checked that the new battery had 3V.
  3. Unplug all the components and just stay with the mobo, CPU and RAM. Let me know what happen.
  4. I think your PSU is at the brink. That fan is just pushing it over. Just a wild guess!

    Although just do what saint19 mentioned and post back.
  5. And just use the heatsink without the fan?
  6. With the heatsink fan if u don't want kill ur CPU.
  7. Thats all i have - what i have listed above is the only thing i have in my system besides keyboard and monitor (its a new build). Also, ASUS-Forums responded and said 95W CPU does not work with mobo - do you think thats the problem?
  8. Do u have another CPU for test that? IMO isn't a good answer since less power is better.
  9. Unfortunately no, but heres the compatibility list from there website:
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    I don't see the CPU that u have but I think that is a problem.
  11. Thats what im saying, the support guy said BIOS is not compatible with that processor. So im selling it and upgrading to a quad-core thats on the list. I guess you can consider this solved unless you want to here back after i get my new CPU...
  12. Or if the mobo still have warranty u can RMA the mobo and get a new one that support the X3 8650 that i already have.
  13. I think id rather upgrade the CPU for about $40-50 more...its probably the best thing to do in my situation...
  14. Thanks for your help though...
  15. Ok, but keep in mind the price/performance. If u can go with a new rig is a better option that buy a new old CPU.
  16. Yeah, im upgrading to a Phenom Quad 1.9Ghz or 2.2Ghz NIB.
  17. That's not a good upgrade IMO.
  18. Yeah, after some research, ive decided to get a AMD 9850 with ASRock N68-C UCC mobo.
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