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i have just been given a graphics card its a sapphire hd 3850 ati radion but had no disk my comp is windows xp but 4 yrs old it fitted but when i downloaded the drivers they installed but the graphics card is not beibg recognised any help thanx jo
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  1. More info please :D

    Are you sure it's a 3850? If it did not came with the install CD maybe your board it's not the one pictured in the box :P

    Did your XP installed any default drivers? You should try to remove them first and then reinstall the downloaded drivers.
  2. my fella bought a new game and it wouldnt play with the old card so some1 gave us a graphics card which we put in ... i did uninstall the old drivers first which was iti 9550 graphics card i dunno if its not compatible cos i dont know about these things all i know is its a sappire hd 3850 ati radion i went to the site and downloaded the drivers for this card but it isnt recognising the card my computor is old its 4 yrs old u think maybe its not compatible with my board cos its not pci is this card pci
  3. You said "it fitted". How may I ask :P

    This vga is compatible with PCI-Express and your Motherboard doesn't have a PCI-Express slot? Is this right? :o

    If so, how "it fitted"?
  4. no my motherboard has vga i think not pci is this card pci or vga it slotted in and is attached by 2 plugs it comes on but wont recognise the card i even downloaded the hotfix i wont work
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