Offset Mode for CPU Core Voltage

hi guys
i have gigabyte GA-Z77x-U3H and 3570k proc
when i overclock by putting on auto voltages go insane for 4.4ghz clock
when i put voltage by myself i can reach that clock by quite smaller voltages

why i like auto voltages more is cause they drop if my processor is in idle
when i change from auto to voltage i chose its constantly that voltage even when processor dont need that much

i found out that this can be set the way i want by setting offset memory values
but i just cant figure out how to do that and i cant find guide just for my motherboard

does anyone of you know how to do that on my mobo?

i want to voltage at maximum load be 1.25
and at idle to go as low as possible
any help?
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  1. you know the volts will still drop even if on manual right?

    try setting it to something like 1.15V-1.2V with LLC enabled :P
  2. It looks like if you change your CPU voltage to "auto" then you should be able to change the value below it (DVID) by entering a - voltage. (negative offset amount)
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