Need Input Nvidia vs. ATI

Ok here is what I am looking at.

My current setup:
C2Q 9400
EVGA 790i FTW 3-way SLI mobo
EVGA 9800GTX+ in 3-way SLI
Patriot Viper DDR3 2x2gb
LG standard DVDRW
Maxtor 500gb HDDx2
ANTEC TruePower Quattro 1000W

I have been looking at the new 5870's from ATI, I was impressed. further more if I decided to go with ATI I would switch to AMD Phenom II 955BE.

My question is would it be more effective to stay with my current setup and upgrade my GPU's to GTX280's?

what i was looking at was this:

Phenom II 955BE
Radeon 5870(possibly in crossfire)
ASUS Crosshair Formula III

I would then just use my current PSU, HDD's, and optical drive.

any input is helpful thank you.
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  1. You don't have to switch to AMD to use the HD 5870. And right now, nothing beats it. I would just stick it in your current computer. No reason to spend the extra $400 that's not needed.

    Also, Crossfiring 5870s is just stupid. The cost of that would be $800. The HD 5970 is essentially two 5870s Crossfired on one board for $650-700. The only difference is that the 5970 has downclocked the GPUs slightly, which can easily be undone. Also, the 5970 will only take up one slot, making it even more future proof, not that you should ever need to Crossfire 5970s...
  2. It's worth mentioning that the 5970 won't fit in a LOT of cases out there.
  3. Thanks for the input and you are right I will just use a single 5870 in my current setup.
  4. Just out of PURE curiosity but which games are currently causing lag or aren't quick enough?
  5. @rodney: Fair enough, but I assumed it was a big case if the OP already had 3 GPUs in it. That'd be a little risky in a smaller case.

    The 5870 is a good choice. To tack on another question, what resolution are you trying to use? Did you have 3 cards for multiple monitors?
  6. I am running this all in a Thermaltake V9BE

    as for games:

    MW2 maxed @~40fps
    L4D2 maxed @~50fps
    and Source mods are all maxed @~90fps

    this is not to catch up to games but to stay ahead as I enjoy games @ or above 80Fps
  7. You realize you can't actually see anything above 60 FPS right? Monitors run at 60 Hz, so they physically can't show anything above that...
  8. I understand this.
  9. Just checking...

    I would wait until either DirectX 11 becomes useful or you're not running newer games at playable speeds (i.e. 30 FPS). By then, Fermi should be out, and either they'll be better cards (which isn't the indication) or they'll be some kind of competition for the 5xxx series to be cheaper. Either way, you get a better card or a cheaper price.
  10. Wait for the new Nvidia parts in March. Then either get one of those or the 5870 will be cheaper.
  11. @MadAdmiral... he didn't mention his case by name... so I assume the worst. I did notice the 3 GPUs, but I can picture a lot of older full size cases (like a TT Armor) that definitely have the height, but still might (or might not!) be able to accommodate the length of the newer cards. Video cards pushing 13 inches weren't really considered when some previous-gen cases were designed.
  12. I did mention my case its the thermaltake V9 black here is a link
  13. Might want to double check how much room there actually is for the GPU. A quick search suggests that it might be a tight fit and/or require some modding.

    I have no idea why maximum GPU size allowed isn't a spec on Newegg...
  14. I figured i had to upgrade my case. there is a frys near my I was going to head that way and check out what cases where viable for the fit.
  15. Or you just don't get the 5970. The 5870 is very good as well, and isn't as big. It's also not $650+...

    Did you actually measure the case first? It's hard to judge size by the pictures.
  16. i was not going to get the 5970 i was going to pick up the 5870 and my case right now with the 9800gtx's in it is a little tight enough room for the psu cables to run between the back of the cards and the drive bays with a little airflow i was looking at the raven 2 as it look to have more manageable room

    although its 90* so i have no idea what space is actually usable for gpu space i will head to frys today with measuring tape in hand
  17. @ MadAdmiral: Maximum GPU length is an EXCELLENT idea for a field in the product descriptions at NewEgg. Hell, take it one step further... if you order a case and a GPU, do a basic compatibility check for the buyer and warn them if they appear to be doing something silly.
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