2X Gigabyte radeon HD 7970's
Seasonic 850W PSU
Noctua NH-D14 dual radiator cpu cooler
AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 3.6GHz
Asus Crosshair V Formula motherbord
16 GB G.Skill 2X8GB 1600MHz
1000Watt UPS
27" Asus LED monitor
NZXT Phantom Case (white)

how can i over clock so i can have a better gaming experience????? every thing is running on stock setting and games have a bit of lag. i am a noob so im not up to date with all the tearms sorry.
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  1. FX and 2x 7970's is a little mismatched IMO, but anyways this will tell you all you need to know for overclocking FX
  2. Best and easiest way to overclock the CHV and FX

    you can also download a printable version which will step by step you through the AMD overdrive and Bios overclocks.
  3. thanks guys
  4. nna2 said:
    FX and 2x 7970's is a little mismatched IMO, but anyways this will tell you all you need to know for overclocking FX

    why do say its a mismatch????
  5. Because it's unbalanced!
  6. can you please tell me how its unbalanced because i have no idea im noob
  7. You have a mid-low ranged CPU and 2 of the highest cards!
  8. One HD 7970 will not affect the FX 81XX chips, by and large these processors sit around 1100T and i5 level, sometimes between a i5 and i7 remind me again where this is low end.
  9. every thing is running on stock setting and games have a bit of lag.

    hey even with this setup at stock level settings you shouldnt get any lag in any game....? what game you playing to get lag?
  10. every game i played laged i habe to turn off the crossfire so now im running on only one card (7970) and the games have no lag what so ever WTF i soo upset i spent a lot of cash on this!!!
  11. ^that could be micro stutter your seeing, i would return the second card (i hope you can)
  12. cant :( but sleeping dog still lags at max reaphics its fine for like 30 mins and then it starts to lag bad then when i play it in a window not full screen it runns perfectly fine??? any ideas this happend when the gups where working and even still happens with 1 gpu
  13. have u got any old parts you can put in ya system like older ram/cpu/gpu just to try one by one see if anything changes or maybe one of ur parts you have bought is *** and not working? maybe?... something not right seems odd that when taking one gpu out it was fine for bit... maybe try sending them back get different gpu where did you get them from cant u ring the place up maybe.... tell them the problem..
  14. ill try man this really sucks
  15. let us no how u get on...
  16. weird.. ..and I was just playin around. Ran 3dmark vantage with that. 12080 3Dmark11 points (had FX-8150 @ 4.4 to get over 12k with factory out of box oc cards. My set up : Sabertooth R2.0,cpu FX-8150,gpu's 2x 7970 ghz editions (+ 550i gtx as an physx accelerator). For valid tests its off. For games its on. Memory dd3 gskill 1600mhz ,4 x 8Gb (runnin @ 2200mhz, motherboard thingy..boosted to max automatically when I setted 1866mhz from BIOS). Harddrive Kinston HyperX ssd 2 x 128Gb + storage barracudas. cpu cooler sux : got kuhler 620... so havent gone further than 4.7 with fx-8150. I have no clue what peeps r sayin bout low-mid cpu and top gpu's. I'll say FX-8150 is a highend gpu wich oc's freekin well. U can go with FX-8350 but why.. For gaming u can shut down 4x cores,raise multipliers,voltage etc. for perfect setup. Just take the powa out of da processor. I.E Get kuhler 1220 (bout 130€'s) no maintenance cpu watercooler and u can easily game etc with a clockspeed of 4.5. Sure Intel i7's r nice BUT do I want a processor..or a processor + 2 x highend cards..hmm.. xD . Got FX-8150 setted @ BIOS to 3.9 (pretty low), ati catalyst control center autoclock got it to 4.3, amd overdrive autoclock to 4.4 and got it my-self with kuhler 620 to 4.7 (pretty stable) .. 4.9 (fast crash..apply..20-30sec n crash..heat!). So there are many ways to overclock that cpu.. For starters u can set it to run at 3.9 base from bios or make an easy ati profile with cpu clock at 3.6-4.2....
  17. the stock voltage on the 8150 at 4.2 is not high enough. see if you can up the voltage to 1.3+ rather than the stock 1.275 for starters. use amd overdrive. also amd cards are not the best in crossfire and I have had a lot of trouble with dual set ups in the past.
  18. also make sure you reinstall the game you are playing whenever you make any hardware changes or a high ammount of modifications or overclocking
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