Building LGA 775 mATX for Windows 2008 Server

I want to run VMware ESXi with Windows Server 2008 as the guest O/S, and I need to reuse some of my existing hardware.
I need help to find the best mATX board as that size will fit just right in a ProLiant ML110 entry-level server case I want to repurpose.

I want to reuse my Core2 Quad 9550 processor, so that's the reason for a LGA 775 board.
Need an onboard RAID 1 implementation that is compatible with VMware ESXi.
Would appreciate on-board video as server graphics are not an issue.
Would like to be able to go past 8gb of ram, but not a deal-breaker.

High reliability is a must.

Current board I'm looking at is the Intel Intel BOXDQ45CB LGA 775 Intel Q45 Micro ATX.
(1) Looks like it has good RAID support with recovery.
(2) Latest BIOS allows up to 16gb of ram.

Thank you for your interest in my project :)
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  1. The LAN should work, but the RAID won't. You can connect SATA disks and they will be detected, but not as a RAID 1. You'll have to buy a compatible RAID card. Did you check the Whitebox HCL comment about the Intel BOXDQ45CB?
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