LG vs BenQ Display

Hi there,

I'm buying a new LCD display for my pc.

What would you people consider the best?

The LG W2261V - http://www.lge.com/products/model/detail/w2261v-pf.jhtml
The BenQ GD2420HD - http://www.benq.com/products/LCD/?product=1514&page=specifications

The LG 22" is priced @ 220eur
The BenQ 24" is priced @ 199eur

Which offers the best quality at the screen size it has?

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  1. Usually i would choose the bigger, but when it comes to brand, i prefer LG, just look at the price, LG with the smaller size came with higher price, that's a higher quality... :)
    Well, that's just me, maybe the other people has a different idea...
  2. Hmm well, yes you may be right, any other posts to help me choose?
  3. I would go for the BenQ because of it's contrast ration : 1000:1 (DCR 40000:1) and bigger size. And to wa1, quality doesn't always equal a higher price.
  4. Thanks guys :) I'm getting the BenQ soon then. If anyone wants to take out his or her point of view, please do so.

    Thanks :)
  5. yeah, u are right dragon.. :)
    I just had bad experience with BenQ monitor in the past, but not with LG, maybe that's why i suggest him LG... :D
  6. Well, my brother has the LG W2261V monitor and is quite good and crisp clear but would like to try the BenQ aswell. My first LG 17" monitor had gone after a year and a half, after I had an LG L204WS 20.1" and was quite gd too.

    So, BenQ is a new brand and unlike other brands here in my country (Malta) BenQ has 3years warranty unlike others having 2years :)
  7. Then give it a try... :)
  8. I will, and get to you as soon as I buy it and give you the difference between the LG and the BenQ :)

    Thanks guys :D
  9. try the asus!
  10. I seriously doubt the fact that the BenQ would be better than the LG. That perticular LG has won gold awards as a best bang for your buck gaming/ movie watching minitor. I've never heard of that BenQ. I've been looking into monitors a lot lately and that LG is very, very good (as long as you do get the V-PF version, not the VP-PF). BTW the LG can be bought for 170 euro today, not 220 anymore so you should really reconsider that monitor if you ask me.
    I don't know the BenQ but factory specifications don't mean a thing they are absolutely negligible, it's about the real-life performance and even the biggest specifications difference don't mean a thing when testing the real-life performance. I doubt the BenQ being even nearly as good as the LG.
  11. Hmm, you might be right, the problem is that the shops here all have the LG priced @ 220eur ;/ Malta is a big scam when it comes to technology stuff and prices remain the same for about a yr or so.
  12. Can't you order it from an online site and ship it to your home then? I'm sure you can find online stores that provide lower prices even when combined with the shipping costs.
  13. Well, not much sites offer shipping to Malta :/ and normally shipping combined gets the same as from here. Any suggested sites which ship to Malta?
  14. Ah that's too bad, I'd still consider buying the LG over the BenQ though... unless the size is a very big issue. However, if you can't get the 2261v(or 2361v) in Malta for a reasonable price, maybe the better known LG W2253V-PF does sell for a reasonable price, there's also a 24'' version of it (W2453V), this monitor comes very highly recommended as well, the colours are better and there's slightly less ghosting compared to the 2261 but the contrast ratio is slightly lower. It comes in highly recommended by professional reviewing sites just like the 2261, so maybe that monitor sells for a better price in Malta? (price range should be around 180 euro's, at least it is in Holland) BTW, the W2253V is the monitor I'm buying in about a month. I'm using it for gaming / watching movies mainly.
  15. Great, great, well the 24" LG version costs 279eur here in Malta ;/ I'm very pissed at the prices LCDs are sold here :/ Will wait a bit and tell you what I've bought :) I think I'm going for the BenQ though, I like bigger screens, and still good quality no? 40:000 CTR is gd and 2ms GTG is also. Anyone has this monitor?
  16. Like I said, I don't know that BenQ monitor, can't find any reliable reviews about it either but it'll probably be fine quality. Finally I would advise you not to buy any monitors you haven't seen in real life though... Specifications are negligible honestly.
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