Phenom II 965 BSOD... HELP

Ok so I read somewhere that with Gigabyte mobos, when volts are set at auto, it will increase volts automatically, pretty much wasting it.
When I had the system volts to auto, the cores reached 61 degrees with Prime95.
When I set the system volts to manual, the cores reached 52-53 degrees with Prime95...
So I thought it was a very beneficial discovery... until I got a BSOD.
I have no idea why, because I did not touch anything other than the system voltage (system volts at manual, all volts options at normal)
I also reduced the clock speed down to 3.4GHz default from 3.8GHz when i was using auto volts.
I have cool n quiet on, could this be causing problems with not setting volts to auto? Should I disable it?
It's weird, because I tested with Prime95 for about 10 minutes and it was all good, and thought I would do more extensive testing later.
However, I went to play a game of Starcraft II and within 5 minutes of gameplay I got a dreadful BSOD...
Help please!!
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  1. Auto does set your volts a little high but it usually sets it fairly close to what it needs if you are getting BSOD that means your volts are too low. Now the voltage you see in windows tends to be lower then what it is set at in bios because of vdroop so you cant always trust what you read in cpu z or wherever else you are reading your voltage. To truely test stability for your processor run small ftts for at least 8 hours just running it for a short time doesn't prove stability. Leave cool and queit on only time you would disable that is if you were overclocking.
  2. Yeah I will test more of Prime95 later, but crashing on SC2 already proves instability.
    I really want to use manual volts and have lower temps...
    Maybe the problem is from other things like RAM?
    Because when I had OCed the CPU to 3.8GHz (auto volts), I ran Prime95 for about an hour and within 5 minutes it detected errors.
    However I played games for 5 hours straight and there wasn't a single BSOD or any other problem.
    Well... it's kind of confusing...
    I'll try more settings and see what happens.
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