9600gt 2 monitors + plasma tv is it possible?

Hello, i have a Gainward 9600gt which has 2 dvi and 1 hdmi port.
I currently have 2 monitors plugged in via the dvi ports.in a few days i will buy a plasma tv which i want to plug in the hdmi port. Is it possible to extend my desktop in those 3 monitors?
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  1. To my knowledge, you can only have two monitors/TVs enabled at any given time with that graphics card. Only with the new HD5xxx Eyefinity cards can you have more than two monitors/TVs enabled.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Nope. Only two displays can be used.
  3. You can always get a second graphics card for the Plasma. Unless you're planning on playing games on the plasma, you can just get a cheap card. Those new GT 220 or an old ATI HD3450 should work fine. If you don't have an extra PCI-E X16 slot a PCI-E X1 card will work fine. Stay away from PCI cards though.
  4. Thk you all for your suggestions. Unfortunatelly my mobo does not have sli support. Well, and the whole point was to be able to play games on the plasma :P So i guess my alternatives are to buy a new gfx i'm considering bying an 5850 or the cheaper 5770.
  5. Sorry. I should have mentioned this before. There are limitations as to what Eyefinity will do for you. This biggest limitation is that in order to use three outputs from the graphics card, one port MUST be the DisplayPort. If neither of your monitors nor your projected plasma TV has a DisplayPort input, you will also need to purchase an Active (as opposed to passive) DisplayPort to HDMI converter which generally run around $100.

    Definitely do a lot more research before going out and making the purchase.

    -Wolf sends
  6. Assuming there's at least one of the displays that you don't use for gaming just get a PCI card for that screen then put the other and the TV on the 9600GT.
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