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I'm currently setting up a Wired and Wireless network inside a office that has 2 floors. The upper floor has a WRT310N along with a D-Link Gigabit GREEN router. Now, I want to extend my wireless N signal downstairs so I'm planning to put a Linksys WAP610N downstairs as an access point. My question is, will I be able to fully utilize the speed of WiFi N which is around 270mbps? I noticed that the WAP610N only uses a 10/100 Ethernet bridge? I mean connecting to my gigabit NAS drives will be slower even if I'm connected to WAP610N at 270 mbps right since the access point is only connected at 100mbps LAN?

Can anyone clear this out for me? Any other options for me out there? Thanks. :)
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  1. It would certainly be preferable if the Ethernet connection was Gigabit (1000mpbs). However, you're not going to get anywhere near 270mbps ACTUAL performance, not even close. You'd be lucky to break 100mbps, and that assumes you're within ~20 ft of the AP. As you get further away performance drops precipitously, perhaps <70mbps @ 30 ft. And given that 100mbps Ethernet is never 100% efficient (perhaps closer to 70-80%), well..., this basically explains why manufacturers are reluctant to include Gigabit, at least for now.

    Check out a recent review by for a reality check regarding wireless N performance (“Reining in the Router Rabble”, pg. 36).
  2. Thanks for the info! Will research on other options... :wahoo:
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