Retrieving files from 2.5 PS3 HD to PC. Stuck. Help!

I have some saves on an old ps3 HD that i want to access from my PC and I have a case that has a slot for a 2.5 drive on the outside. Its an Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 Full Tower Gaming Case

I plugged it in

It installed drivers

it apears in my Device Manager

Its in my bios

but it wont appear under MY COMPUTER and I do not know how to access the files on this drive. The computer seems to be able to detect it in bios and device manager but nothing appears in MY COMPUTER for access to its contents? I must be missing a step here....

Thanks everyone!
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  1. The PS3 uses a proprietary format which is why winows can't see it. You can't read it from a PC. This is why the ps3 requires external usb drives to be formatted to fat32, so other computers can read them. Put a usb drive or usb flash drive into one of the ps3's usb ports and copy the games saves to the usb drive. Then you can transfer it from the usb drive to your computer. To copy from the ps3 to a flash drive, select the game save you want, hit the triangle button and you should see an option to copy. Some games are protected and will not allow you to copy the save.
  2. I cant do that! :( at least im not sure how.. Its a fairly old HD with an old OS on it so when i plug it into my PS3 it says it cannot load without a OS version of at least 4.0 or something installed on it so it just keeps rebooting itself and bringing up that message.... any ideas?
  3. Why are you trying to insert your old OS drive into the PS3? I assumed you have a working PS3, or am I misunderstaning something. If your ps3 isn't working, there is no way I know of to get the data off of it so you can stop reading here.

    I'm assuming:

    1. a working ps3
    2. you are trying to copy game saves from your ps3 to your computer.

    If the above assumptions are correct, like I said, you need to have a USB hard drive or a USB flash drive that is formatted to fat32. plug this drive into one of the ps3's usb ports. On the ps3, select your game save, push the triangle button on the controller. A menu will pop up. Select copy. it will then ask for a destination. Select your usb hard drive or usb flash drive. take your usb drive/flash drive to your pc and copy the games saves off of it to your computer.
  4. I bought a 700gig HD for my ps3 months and months ago but I never transfered my save game files and now Im in need of them :) so i have a PS3 HD thats not in my ps3 right now that can plug into my computer but it will not read it.. is there some sort of program i can download that can read whatever format is on this?
  5. The ps3 will not let you put the old hdd in without a format. After you got the new hdd you updated to the latest firmware, on slim ps3's (and some of the newer phat ps3's specfically the ones with 16mb flash/nor/nand) a portion of the firmware is written to the hdd, by switching hdd's you will need a format. You won't get your saves back. If you are desperate or skilled enough, there are ways to if you wanted to hack your ps3. Since you are on 4.0 you'd have to hardmod it which is scary for most people not familair with it. (opening the ps3, attaching a nor/nand flasher and downgrading to the firmware you were on before you put in the new hdd)
  6. Omega21xx is correct. My ps3 acts this way also. Once you update the firmware, any drive you stick in the ps3 must have that version of firmware or higher otherwise the ps3 wants the drive to be formated and have the newer version of firmware.

    Like I said earlier, the ps3 uses a proprietary format. It can't be read by a pc. When upgrading the drive in a ps3 the best option is to use the backup utility built into the ps3. It backs up the entire hard drive, not just the game saves. Then insert the new drive in the ps3 and format it. Once this is done, you can use the ps3's backup utility to restore your backup. All your accounts and stuff will be back as was before. The only thing that doesn't get backed up is trophies and a few copy protected downloads. Syncing your trophies will restore all your trophies and you can re-download any copy protected files that didn't back up.
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