I have noticed that none of the new generation of AM3 (with USB3 and SATA 6GB) motherboards have SLI support. I have not seen any new nforce motherboards. Anyone know what the story is?

There are alot of people who are currently interested in an bargain athlon II/phenom II system and a sing 460 that would like the option to expand with a second 460 in the future. It would be nice to know whats going on.
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  1. Currently, you only have two options for AM3 / SLI is the 980A chipset, which is pretty much the last Nvidia chipset motherboard. These are the boards to recommend, in your case.

    I don't believe that Nvidia is planning on releasing any more motherboard chipsets. With the release of the X58 allowing SLI/Crossfire, it pretty much killed the Nvidia chipsets. Plus, they were pretty much always a buggy chipset to a point.
  2. ^Not really true.

    In theory u can run SLI and Crossfire in any mobo even with AMD/ATI chipset.
  3. In theory....

    How would you run an SLI setup on a motherboard that doesn't support SLI?
  4. Mobo hacking can give to u the possibility to run SLI in a mobo that's don't support it by default.
  5. I am not going to be recommending hacking motherboards to people who want cheap AMD systems with the expandability of multiple 460s. I dont think we are allowed to on these forums, right?

    There are still two nvidia 750a AM3 motherboards also.
  6. The hacking works fine if u do the right steps even I know some people run SLI in the CH IV and CH III.
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