If I partition 1 SSD, then reinstall Windows, will programs still work

If I had an SSD and want

one partition for Windows, one for programs..

Can I install Windows THEN partition?

If I then have two partitions, and decide to reinstall windows fresh.. will the programs still work just as they did before?
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  1. Yes, that's how you have to do it.

    1.Do a clean install. Make sure you enable AHCI on the motherboard before the install.

    2. Go to Intel website and update the RST driver. (Rapid Storage Technology)

    3. Open Windows 7, type "Disk Management" in search bar and you can partition the drive in 2 there.

    Take your time read, read, read, first. The help screens in Disk Management are very good.

    If you were for some reason to reinstall windows you would have to also reinstall the programs. Installing windows re-formats the drive
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