Best ~150$ pci-e sound card right now?

Hey, I was looking to get a pci-e sound card at around 100~150$. I'll be using it for primarily gaming and music. From reading lots of previous posts people seem to steer clear of creative, which rules out the X-fi titanium I was looking at. Someone recommended the AuzenTech Forte, it seems to have about what I want, EAX 5 support for games etc. Any other thoughts?
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  1. Auzen tech are good cards but are still a creative card really. I would go with an ASUS xonar they are really solid cards.

    This one is a little more then $150 they have a reg PCI model of this card that is cheaper but you want PCIE
    Asus Xonar D2X 7.1 PCIe Sound Card $179.99

    Now I use an X-FI titanium and I love it it has great sound people are turned off to creative because they had alot of problems with drivers in the past but that has all been fixed.

    This is the card I have its awesome
    SoundBlaster X-FI Titanium Fatal1ty Pro PCIe Sound Card $139.99

  2. I'm not against getting a sound card, but is the onboard sound not sufficient for your needs? Most of the onboard solutions are actually quite good these days. That would give you $150 for some other upgrade (or to save for a future upgrade).

    Just my 2 cents. If you do want to spend it, I've heard good things about the Asus Xonar, which was already pointed out.
  3. would people say the xonar is better enough over the x fi titanium that its worth that much of a premium?
  4. I am very happy with my x fi and from reveiws the x-fi is 3 to 5 fps faster in games then the xonar.

    Do you have a particular reason it has to be PCI E?
  5. saaiello said:

    Do you have a particular reason it has to be PCI E?

    Not really, I just assumed that the pci-e is more likely to be a newer format and probably better but idk
  6. All the PCI E models are the exact same as the PCI counter parts and usually about $30 cheaper. Usually people get the PCI E because they either dont have a PCI slot open or they just want it there are no performance or quality gains when it comes to sound cards and the interface.
  7. I concur with many here in regard to the X-Fi Titanium. It is a nice card in concern to sound quality, especially if you output via SPDIF to a decent stereo system.
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