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I have two XP laptops. One is on its way out fast and I really need to copy the harddrive onto another computer. I dont care about data loss from the computer I will clone, thats not important aty all. What is important will be ensuring that all the programs on the dying laptop are saved. Is it possible to clone from one laptop to another? What will I have to do to complete this? Many, many thanks for any replies.
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  1. The easiest way would be to install the laptop drives into a desktop computer and use cloning software to clone the source drive to the target drive. Most HDD manufacturers have free cloning utilities on their websites that will work with their HDDs. Just be certain you have properly selected the SOURCE (original laptop drive) to the TARGET (replacement laptop drive).

    If the new HDD is larger than the source, you will likely have to enlarge the partition on the new drive to its full capacity after you successfully clone the original. Cloning will make the target drive exactly as the source drive, including partition size.
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