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Hi, I'm planning to upgrade my 4gb ddr3 to 6gb ddr3 by adding one another 2gb stick to my system.I just wanted to make sure what I'm buying will work with my current memory sticks.

These are my current ones:

I'm planning on buying this one:

Also, a question regarding dual channel. Since AM3 boards don't support triple channel, if I put in this extra 2gb stick, will it disable the dual channel that my 4gb sticks were on and run all of them in single channel. Or will it run the 2gb in single and the 4gb in dual?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. It should work, the sticks have the same frequency, latencies, and voltage. Don't know about whether or not it will change the RAM to single channel - probably all sticks to single channel.
  2. Which one would be better in terms of performace? 6gb in single channel or 4gb in dual channel?
  3. Anyone?
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