Scrambled graphics problem -- BSOD -- need help -- 4890

I've been running an nVidia 8800GTX off of an Enermax 620Watt PSU for the last 3 years. No problems at all.

I recently bought an open box ATI HD 4890 Vapor-X from Newegg.

I uninstalled the drivers for the 8800GTX and used Drive Sweeper to make sure any remnants were gone.

I turned off the computer, disconnected the psu from the outlet, pushed the power button to dissipate any remaining electricity in the system. I removed the 8800GTX and installed the 4890.

I booted and it looked ok. I loaded windows and tried to install the 9.12 Catalyst drivers. It had an error and the event log said that the video driver had failed to load. I rebooted and it installed the driver the second time. It worked! I tried to run the Trial version of 3dMark Vantage, but it quit part way through ... because the 4890 doesn't have PhysX? That's what the error code looked like.

I was going to run a few more tests, but I wanted to reboot, to make sure the drivers were good.

I was greeted with a scrambled boot screen / post. Wha?! I was then also greeted with a BSOD saything that there was something wrong with the video drivers for Windows.

I shut down, reseated the 4890, and it was clear. I rebooted again and it wasn't. I then resorted to putting in my old 8800GTX and the bios / post looked fine. I loaded windows and reinstalled my drivers. Everything looks great.

My questions:
Is the card bad? :pfff:
Is my psu strong enough to push it? :o
Is there anything I didn't do that could help?... clear the BIOS / CMOS? :sleep:

What do you guys recommend?
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  1. Can anyone help?
  2. I'm dying here.
  3. It was bad ram ... for some reason, memtest86+ didn't pick it up when I installed a few sticks about 7 months ago. The video card was ALSO bad.

    bad bad bad
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