need help ASAP! My hard disc keep full by itself

i deleted some files in my pc still it will full by it self. :pfff: can u guys help me?
i download many things such as windirstat and malwarebytes anti-malware to detect what is the problem but still i cant figure it out. please help me before my hard disk is full again :(
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  1. plssssssssss someone tell me the solution!! :((
  2. You need to find out what files are being written. One easy way is to search the c drive for files bigger than 10000k then sort by date and you should see the memory hogs and figure out the source.
  3. 100000k? i don't get it. can u tell more specific?
  4. i found only chrome.7z that has 111,151kb.
  5. You added an extra zero, so 5000 would be fine, under tool folder options view show hidden files and folders.
  6. Depending on your drive capacity you can figure out whats taking up your space

    And it couldn't hurt to get CCleaner, system restore points take up quite a bit of space too.
  7. i found the problem. it was Bitdefender update was eating the space. i uninstall bitdefender and done. :D btw can u guys suggest me any antivirus that i can download online for free + full version?
  8. Did you talk to Bitdefender about it? I haven't had this issue from them in the past it might be a big update or they were trying to upgrade your program to the latest build. Anyway i use Avast and Malwarebytes.
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