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hey guys, i just installed my VTX3d 5770 in2 my system, problem is now the system aint booting, i installed my old graphics card to see if it would boot, and it does. so i installed the new driver, thinking that was the problem, but its still not working. im using a x16 2.0 if that means anything, but surely that shouldn't make the computer un-bootable?

many thanx
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  1. What power supply are you using? What model is your old card that works?

    Also, did you plug in the 6pin PCI-E power connector on the back of the 5770 when you installed it?
  2. my old model is a ATi X1300 and my power supply is colors. and ya the card is defenatly getting power
  3. What are the specs of your power supply? Wattage? 12V rating etc. There will be a sticker on the unit.

    So the 6 pin is plugged into the back of the 5770?
  4. the wattage is 450w, and im not sure if this means anything to you sir, but the 12v rating is 20A? or am i looking at the sticker wrong? and ya the plug is in the back of the 5770
  5. Interesting. The card could also be bad.

    Do you get any lights or beeps? Does it not bring up any Video at all?
  6. i do not get any beeps or lights, apart form the power indicator on the case. and i get no video at all. it just sits there with the fans spinning and no indication of hard drive activity, could the interface type have something to do with it? like the one on my board is x16 2.0 and the card is x16 2.1?
  7. No it should be fine. PCI-E 2.1 is backward compatible with 2.0,1.1, and 1.0
  8. no, maybe you have a DOA card, btw what output are you using on the 5770 vs the old card?

    and what brand make model is ur psu? just because the fans are spinning don't mean it's getting enough juice, the delta between the power req of these two are kinda BIG.

    lok the model number or some form of ID number on there that can pin it's make down
  9. oh right so that rules that one out then. so if its not the interface type, then what could it be? maybe its not receiving enough power? altho my X1300 works fine, and the 5770 is getting power cause i can hear and see the fans spinning. i could test in another system?
  10. in response to theunholylancer:
    and the brand name is colors. i never heard of it but it came with my case, which only cost me 22.99 lol and i don't know what you mean by output, the wattage or the display type? and ur saying i could have a dead card? :O
  11. o lord thats most likely ur issue

    that psu is not going to be near supplying the power you need....

    22.99 for case AND power ?! how the mother of wow?!

    you will be needing a new PSU.

    the type and what nots can be found on the sticker, look for a model number but I have never heard of colours.

    BTW the 1300 was considered a low end card about 4 years ago, while the 5770 is considered a upper - mainstream card TODAY, they will have massive power requirements....

    btw why unholy lol?
  12. well i think i found it: http://www.aone.co.uk/ProdInfo.ASP?ProductID=2208

    altho it doesn't have some of the cables that it says it does. can you recommend a power supply within £80 that supports cross fire? your help is great appreciated. and the box on the 5770 says it needs a 450w minimum :S
  13. umm if that's so, you have have gotten a knock off of a off brand......

    if you wanted CF the 5770s you would most likely needs a 650 or 700 watt item.

    and if you are talking pounds, then I would have little clue as to pricing, and if I assume that 70 pound = 120 USD then I can recommand:




    IF you can get them in UK or where ever you are, if you can provide somewhere to look if you cannot find those models, then I can try to see what is the best available.

    Both are CF and SLI ready,and should be more than enough for your future expansion needs.
  14. ah thank you, the last one you sent me, the Corsair TX650W, is about £66 in the UK. which is perfect for my budget! i hear corsairs PSUs are pretty good, this true?
  15. Hmm using the site you gave me, and since I can't see pricing I can say that:




    would be nice, but dunno pricing...

    also the two things above from new egg are 100-240 V parts as long as you have the cableing to plug them into.
  16. mmm, looking at those 2 links you sent me, i don't think i can push my parents energy bill thru the roof! lol http://www.kikatek.com/product_info.php?products_id=102929&source=froogle thats the one im looking at, as its got plenty of wattage from a good manufacturer, what do you think?
  17. about the corsair or ANY other PSU, you have to research how good they are individually:


    read that page and you can see that it is indeed able to provide 650 Watts of power, and enough for a 5770 CF, maybe even more.

    read the full review carefully to see what makes a good psu if you want, but i personally perfer hardware secrets' reviews and expliniation, as each of their review is detailed and helpful. But hey, they did not look at the 650 TX so I can't comment either way.
  18. thanks for the help man! i greatly appreciate it :)
  19. try it out and see, I would imagine it should be this issue, if u have it solved come back and post lol
  20. ah thank you, i shall look at the site and buy the right supply, and i'll keep that in mind, thanks a lot :)
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