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Hi everyone,
I just built my i5 system today and did some minor overclocking.. and put it at 3.33ghz. voltage is around 1.26. I then wanted to see the cpu usage over time so i watched a 1080p movie and saw a max/average around 14%. Later, tonight, I am doing nothing at all and it stays at 25% continuously. Any ideas?

Also, i'm using an aftermarket cooler and with no load (still 25% cpu usage) i am at 44c. I'm kinda confused as i thought idle temps would be mid thirties with stock coolers.
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  1. Open task manager and find out what process is using it. What other troubleshooting steps have you done?
  2. Its most likely your antivirus doing a background scan. Norton on mine will do a quick scan of main system files when it is idle
  3. enzo- The taskmanager shows 0-1% cpu usage on some processes and 0% on most of the others, yet the performance tab still shows ~25% usage. The graphic that shows individual cores appears to have cores 1 and 4 @ 0% while cores 2 and 3 are jacked up to ~33% which would be close to 25% overall i guess. I haven't done any other troubleshooting steps as i don't know where to start. I though it might be more hardware related than software (ie voltage whatnot) so i came here.

    saaiello- I don't have antivirus installed :\
  4. Alright. Just to make sure:

    -you have "show processes from all users" checked
    -System idle process reads 75%
    -You are using windows 7 64-bit, yes?
  5. HA I did NOT have the show all processes checked. It looks like the process is "intel rapid storage technology.

    Yes idle is 75%..but i often jumps to 99% as this intel storage thing drops to 1 or 0%. I do have an ssd (intel x25v). This could also coincide with the fact that windows no longer loads up instantly..it hangs for ~30 trying to get to the login screen. I guess it looks like i have to set up the ssd differently. I did download a ssd tweaking program (ssd tweaker) and loaded all the default settings. This seemed to help..as startup was really fast. The only thing i did differently from then till now is remove the page file from my ssd. (and altogether for that matter due to space).

    And yes to your third question.

    Can i delete this intel rapid storage technology thing?
    Any tweaking suggestions that aren't included in the utility? maybe put the page file on one of my other hds?

    Thanks a ton.
  6. Well I am impatient so i just uninstalled it. This fixed it, very nub'ish' of me. But still my ssd problem is still here (sluggish) Any suggestions?

    p.s. i guess i am out of the scope of this forum, i'll move this to the hd section. Thanks!
  7. Glad you figured out the problem at least. I would try to help more but SSD are not my forte :)
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