What mobo should I get?

I'm looking for a mobo for a AMD 965, 2 5770's, a 64GB SSD and a single 4GB DDR3 1333 stick. Anybody got any suggestions, the cheaper the better but I'm not sure how cheap to go in terms of PCI lanes affecting a x-fire set up
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  1. this is what I'm swaying towards. This is my first build however and so will x8 be enough for each GPU?
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Yes x8 will be enough,because the difference between dual x8 and x16 isn't noticeable(unless you play at resolutions like 2560x1600).
    That motherboard looks quite good,
  3. thanks for your help, I'll order it today
  4. Quote:
    Yes it will be fine. However you really want to run your memory in dual channel mode not single channel. So you should get 2 sticks. (2x2gb)

    Hello, I already have my 4GB stick, is it going to be a massive issue? I could get another 4GB stick but I'm kinda already over budget this month and was planning on getting more ram later, thanks for your help

    p.s I am going to be running 64 bit windows 7 so i can utilize the extra ram

    edit - I went ahead and bought another 4GB stick, I'm sure the wife will be unimpressed
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