Thaks to all that helped my with my first build

Well I finished My first full build. wasn't hard just a bit scary at first. went together smoothly. Only had one scare. after every thing was together and it was time to fire it up I plugged it in. The power indicator lights on the PSU and the Mobo came on then my son pushed the power button on the case.. :heink: ... nothing :( tried again... :o nothing :cry: Unplugged the power, double checked my work.... ( learning curve ) Found that I had plugged the power switch into the system speaker prong :whistle: moved the power switch wire to the correct spot, plugged her in again and tada system bios screen :D This system works great and plenty of room to up grade when HE finds the money.
for the $ this is a pretty good case lots of room and the hot swap slot is nice.
I'm not sure what to say about this mother board other than it went in with out a hitch and looks good.
Windows 7 home is nice I still haven't had a chance to play with it my self but The kid loves it. up from XP home
This Processor screams. I'm told you can unlock 2 more cores. I think we'll wait a while before trying that.
DDR3 what more can I say.
We maneged to get this PSU on a shell shocker deal for.... :ouch: $49.99 What an awesome deal on a great PSU tons of connectors, SLI ready, 4/12 volt rails. just a great PSU even at full price.

I need to thank all the folks here that helped me choose all the parts. I learned a lot and still have more to learn.
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  1. 1- The mobo isn't good IMPO
    2- I would get 2x2GB RAM
    3- I Would for the 630, can OC 25% or 30%
    4- What GPU?
    5- What HDD?
    6- The PSU is a junk.
  2. Wow, way to rip on him saint. The PSU is probably not junk btw, here is the JG review of the ET850.

    Look at the date, it was tested in 2007 so I'm not surprised by the low efficiency.
  3. Gee.... thanks for all your words of wisdom. you must have a lot of friends.:o

    The gpu is a pice of crap and so is the HDD

    This buid is done at budget and on time.I just wanted to thank those who helped me keep it that way.
  4. Ok, not problem. What is your budget? What is the use that you want give to the rig? Games, video edition, surfe the web...
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